Why video?

Your customers know your products rock, but what about everyone else? From product demos to brand-feel videos, I create the visual presence businesses need online. I work with brands who know the value of media, are eager to grow, and are open to new ideas.


build your brand - everywhere

Video takes all aspects of branding, words, images sound, and brings them together into a harmony that all works together to communicate one thing: your vision.

Your customers know your products rock, but what about everyone else? 

I'm not only passionate about travel, I make it happen, and my clients's products come along. One week I might be creating a video for an outdoor company in the Cascades, the next week doing an urban shoot in downtown. Demonstrate your product in action in the wild, be it in the forest, urban jungle, or office.

4x social engagement 

Does your Instagram reflect the quality of your company? How do you come up with unique content that reflects the diversity of your fans? And what about Facebook ads?

Photos may get people to pause, but videos make them want to engage. The power of video to spark the imagination is unparalleled, let potential customers envision themselves enjoying your products and craft the emotion you want them to feel whenever they think of your brand. Video not only resonates with people, it also increases the likelihood of them seeing your video by increasing your likelihood of showing up on page one of a google search by 53 times. (source: Forrester Research)