You're Getting Married?!

Awesome! That's super exciting! Allow me to be about the 54th person to congratulate you! I'm sure you're excited like never before, and just counting down the days until the wedding (and if you're the techie type, I could recommend a couple of countdown apps). But there's so much to do before the wedding, right? Find a wedding planner, get a venue, decide on event colors, pick a photographer, decorations, and seating (and of course, staring into each other's eyes for untold hours). But there's one key


Why I Love Wedding Videos

There's so much emotion surrounding a wedding. From preparation to grand exit, people will be laughing together, crying on shoulders, hugging old friends, and probably crying and laughing some more. A highlight reel captures the most poignant moments of the day in all their beauty for you to enjoy again and again




Photos from your wedding, the biggest, most important day of your life up to that point will hang on your walls for years, can be shared with friends, fill albums, and fill hearts. If you had to choose between a superb wedding photographer or a fantastic wedding videographer, definitely, most certainly pick an amazing wedding photographer. However, while not as crucial as wedding photography, there is simply something magical about video. Photos can capture a moment of time within each frame, but video can carry the viewer along the wave of emotion and give them a feeling of truly being there.



Express Wedding Film

Includes Full Ceremony.

Extended Wedding Film

Includes Full Ceremony, Reception Speeches, and the first dances.