Neck Lines, and How to Avoid them

While at a civil war reenactment last month I took a photo of a beautiful friend of mine, which I thought turned out really well. But upon showing it to her, I was again reminded that there are many things that I still have to learn about photographing people. But thanks to her, there's one fewer things that I still need to learn.

Neck Creases - they're bad.

Here's the first photo I took:

Initially I really liked this photo. The lighting was nice, and I always like looking-over-the-shoulder shots, especially how they seem to bring out the whites of peoples eyes. But after I showed my subject, she noticed the creases in her neck and pointed them out to me, and I'm very thankful she did! I hadn't caught them, but after she pointed them out, I couldn't miss them. So after a couple more takes, we came up with this one:

What I did to get rid of them is actually really easy. I simply had my subject rotate her chair towards me a bit, and not look over her shoulder quite as much. Poof! Neck creases gone! And I'm really pleased with how the final photo turned out.

Now, if I were to take this photo again, there are a couple of other things that I could do, and that you can do, to get rid of unwanted neck creases. If you have the pose you really like, and don't want to reposition your model like I did, you can simply add something to hide the creases. Such as a collar, or if your subject is a lady with beautiful long hair (like my friend's), it can be positioned to cover any creases. 

Happy photo taking!